The 2011 Helsinki Festival took place from August 19 to September 4. There were nearly 184,000 visitors who went to Finland’s biggest social occasion. The celebration is hung on yearly premise amid summer.

Helsinki FestivalThe celebration is hung on yearly premise amid summer. The mission of the celebration is to make arts” available to all. Furthermore, an awesome approach to see this celebration is by means of a Helsinki Campervan! What has the Helsinki Festival brings to the table? For one, the celebration serves as a venue for specialists in various masterful controls.

Second, the celebration gives energetic and creatively slanted visitors the opportunity to inundate themselves in social and creative exhibitions in music, theater, craftsmanship shows, movies, move, children’s programs and even the bazaar. Since its beginnings in 1968, the Festival has had a string of universally prestigious specialists.

A standout amongst the most mainstream occasions is the Night of the Arts. This is the time when the city is open for any individual who needs to perform in the boulevards and in the parks. On the off chance that you are visiting Helsinki in a RV, how exciting it would be to simply attach in one of the RV parks in the city and join the throng of artists performing all inclusive.

The Helsinki Festival is an off-shoot of Sibelius Viikot (Sibelius Week) that was an established music celebration than kept running from 1951 to 1965. In 1968, the city of Helsinki built up the Helsinki Festival as a more extensive venue for creative presentation and exhibitions. Large portions of the principle shows are held in the Huvila Festival tent manufactured every year in one of the parks in the city of Helsinki. Different exhibitions are held at the Korjaamo Society Factory in Toolo.

The Helsinki Festival Valon Voimat is in a matter of seconds taken care of by the Board Individuals from the Helsinki Week Foundation. The board individuals are locals of Helsinki and chose to situate as individuals for a long time. Craftsmen are by and by welcomed by the board to perform which implies one need not apply to be a piece of the lineup.