Songkran festival (or otherwise called Water Festival or Water Throwing Festival), is commended all over Thailand consistently on April 13 and goes on for around 3-10 days. It’s not uncommon for the general population in Thailand to take as much time as necessary from work amid this week. Numerous individuals in Thailand are all sitting tight for this season of year to come (particularly young people). This is on the grounds that on Songkran festival everyone can toss water at each other without individuals getting frantic or touchy. On the off chance that you are en route to work however you don’t need to get wet then abstain from strolling along the street or getting on a transport that doesn’t have any windows. They take extraordinary get a kick out of splashing whoever they see. Youngsters normally toss water on nonnative, outsiders, holidaymakers, transports and motorcyclists, anything that moves. This festival additionally helps every one of the general population in Thailand to chill amid the most smoking days of the year around 100F or 40C. The best festivals generally happen in Chiang Mai, so in the event that you need to join and praise the water festival then Chiang Mai ought to be the ideal spot for you. While considering the otherworldly and religious parts of the festival, numerous individuals may think it is extremely impolite and unbelievable that individuals these days use water guns, garden hoses, water inflatable and cans to douse each other. In any case, now, the throwing of water has turned into the best time part of the festival. Some of the time you can even see a few elephants get in on the activity, with riders urging the creatures to utilize their trunks to splash entire carloads of bystanders. Indeed, Thailand has set a Guinness World Record for the biggest water gun battle that included 3,477 individuals in Bangkok. The hundreds of years old convention remains so famous that numerous individuals from everywhere throughout the world go to this nation to participate in the water fights.

Water Throwing Festival

Songkran is likewise a period for the Thais to visit and pay regards to seniors, including companions, friars, neighbors and obviously relatives. They will visit a wat (Buddhist religious community) to ask and also make offerings to the ministers. Statues and pictures of Buddha are cleaned by delicately pouring perfumed water over them. They think doing this will bring flourishing and good fortunes for the New Year. In a few urban areas, for example, Chiang Mai, pictures of Buddha from the majority of the city’s vital cloisters are paraded through the boulevards so the greater part of the general population there can hurl water at them. Other than washing family Buddha pictures, Thais likewise take this incredible chance to give their home an exhaustive cleaning. Truth be told, it is this convention that commenced the later custom of splashing family, companions and outsiders with water. The Helsinki Festival Valon Voimat is another festival to watch in Finland.